Gian.&Assu. & C. snc Via Sa Tiria
08027 Orgosolo (NU)

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Tel e fax 0784.401076
Cell. 339.4502978

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Gian. e Assu. & C. S.n.c. organizes excursions around the Orgosolo’s territory and the surrounding countryside because these lands offer a great naturalistic, cultural and anthropological patrimony.

Thanks to its deep knowledge, the company can program different kinds of trekking excursions able to discover mysterious and secrets corners of Barbagia.

The programs are , in fact, studied with great attention and competence trying to satisfy all the clients’ requirements: routes for those who are passionate of flora, fauna, archaeology, naturalistic photography, speleology, and any other realities that the mountain can offer.

Personalized solutions and flexibilities are the elements that characterize the service and give to Gian e Assu to be recognize d in the tourist field.

In line with the strategy of diversification of the services, Gian e Assu is working on planning, for those tourists who want to discover the culture and traditions of Sardinia, highly attractive routes like guided visits to social wine cellar with the possibilities of tasting typical products or stops in the sheep-fold in order to assist to the milking of the cattle, the make of cheese, ricotta and other products.

Therefore Gian. e Assu. & C. S.n.c. is in the position to offer various solutions that can give the possibility to know the peasant and pastoral culture and to live in first person the passions of a community that has preserved its traditions.

Gian. e Assu. & C. S.n.c. organizes, as well as trekking excursions, lunches in the countryside where the clients can taste the true local cuisine of this area.

It also will be possible to reach hidden places around the village where the clients will be in tight contact with the nature , securily guided by expert drivers and guides who speak different languages.